Iona Primary School is situated on the beautiful island of Iona, in the Inner Hebrides on the West coast of Scotland. The building was erected in the early 1800 and consits of two rooms and a small office. At present 21  children attend the school ranging from Pre-5 to Primary 7. We are an expanding school and the roll is set to rise so that there will be 24 - 27 children in the building in the  2016/17 session.

Iona School

The Head Teacher is Sheena Nisbet, who also teaches P2-3. Mrs Maccallum is the P4 - P6 teacher.

We also have Ukulele, Rugby and Football clubs run by parents and Nature Club run by Emily Wilkins our local Ranger.

We have a thriving Early Years Unit. There are currently five children in the Unit. In the summer of 2016 an extension is being built to house the Unit, thus freeing up the Primary School for our expanding roll.

We are very aware of our special environment and we have recently been awarded our fourth Green Flag from Eco Schools!

The island attracts over 250,000 visitors from all over the world every Summer,  who come to see the Abbey built on the site where Saint Columba founded his church. Whilst the population of Iona currently stands at around 130.

We are very proud of our unique heritage here on Iona and we regularly take tours dressed as monks, around the Abbey for Historic Scotland, to tell other schoolchildren about this special place.