Newsletter 1 (2017)

Welcome back,

It was so good to see the full team back - staff and children.

Term ended with Storm Barbara preventing most staff from attending and quite a few children having to be away. However Christmas still needed to happen so we decided to keep going as long as we could.

The Christmas dinner was a triumph. It was an absolute feast and served to us in style by Anja Jardine and Richard Harrison. It was a five course meal (that was with the three desserts - mostly provided by Mrs MacCallum) served on Wedgewood plates, eating with silver cutlery and drinking from wine glasses. It was totally amazing.

The party also went ahead including the nursery children. My memories of this are a bit of a blur. It was fast and furious. There was lots of chocolate consumed and a fantastic visit from the big man himself. There are no photos of this event as I was too busy to reach for the camera. Thanks to Mairi and Karen for staying to help. You were invaluable, particularly with the musical chairs...

 Sadly the end of term service was cancelled as I was advised to leave during a break in the weather.

 This term we are focusing on where we live. And where we live is due to be battered by more bad weather. It was interesting during a pre-topic assessment that some of the children thought we lived in Glasgow while others thought we shared a border with America and North Korea. So there is plenty of learning to take place, as well as the continued focus on raising attainment in literacy and numeracy.

 We have sent home forms for P4-7 for Feis, that takes place in February. The forms need to be returned to school by the end of the week. We strongly recommend attendance at Feis so the children can not only develop their skills in music and Gaelic, but they can continue to expand their social circle.

Also please make note that Choir for P3-7 starts Monday 16th January 3-4pm.

There will be a further short newsletter with dates for next week on Friday.

It's great to be back!

ps: It's Mr McKenzies 30th Birthday on Wednesday this week. Happy Birthday Mr Poppy!


Mr Glen-Lee